Pumpkin Chuckin

Great Pumpkin Chuckin Competition featured on Outdoor Wisconsin!

What is Pumpkin Chuckin?

Pumpkin chucking, or for rhyming purposes Pumpkin Chuckin, is the sport of hurling or ‘chucking’ a pumpkin solely by mechanical means for distance. The devices used include slingshots, catapults, trebuchets.


The Pumpkin Chuckin Competition is broken up into three divisions

Anyone can enter!  Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Companies, Church Groups, Clubs.

Little Chucker 

Age: 14 & Under | Max Height: can’t exceed 41″ | Projectile: mini gourd

Soaring Squash

Age: High School Division | Max Height: 15 ft | Projectile: 5 pound pumpkin

Huge Hurlers

Age: Open to all ages | Max Height: no limit | Projectile: 8 – 10 lb pumpkin


Great Pumpkin Chuckin Fest Rules 

Chucker Registration – Union Grove, WI 


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